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Stephanie Hallahan, MBA.
President & CEO

Stephanie Hallahan, MBA, Has led the company for the past 3 years and is instrumental in day to day operations of 2 companies. Her background in management of research labs and management of intellectual property makes her well suited to serve as CEO.  She is author of a number of scientific papers. She trained at Centre for Emerging Tech in the Bio Entrepreneur Development program. She has a successful career with direct experience regarding IP development and contract negotiations and as Business Director at SLU. 

Sriram Devanathan, Ph.D.

Sriram Devanathan, Ph.D, leads research activities at MGS by overseeing and coordinating with other partners. He has a strong molecular and biomarker discovery expertise. He has served as Life Science consultant conducting multiple technology and market evaluations, Due Diligence, and Business plan evaluations and is a graduate of Square One program from Centre for Emerging Technologies. With this unique skill set, he leads MGS activities to demonstrate preclinical proof of concept and clinical trial of cancer theragnostic agents.

Our Company

Dennis Hallahan, MD.

Dennis Hallahan, MD has started 5 biotechnology companies, 2 of them publicly traded (Genvec, Inc.& Cumberland Emerging Technologies). Dr. Hallahan has established several service companies. He has experience of launching and exiting from companies that he has founded. Dr. Hallahan has developed several drugs that have entered Phase I through Phase III clinical trials. 


Our Board

Dennis Hallahan, MD
Stephanie Hallahan, MBA
Michael Kinch, Ph.D.

Michael S. Kinch, PhD, is the associate vice chancellor and director of the Center for Research Innovation in Business at Washington University in Saint Louis. Michael’s scientific expertise includes pre-clinical drug development for cancer, immunological and infectious diseases with small molecules, monoclonal antibodies and other biologics. Michael was a professor at Purdue University, studying monoclonal antibody targeting of cancer and went on to lead oncology at MedImmune Inc., and was Chief Scientific Officer at Functional Genetics Inc and Managing Director of the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery.


Our proprietary technology targets and specifically sensitizes cancer cells in such a way that they show enhanced response (cell death) to radiation


Targeted payload delivery

Be it carrying a therapeutic payload or an imaging agent to monitor response or a combination of both – we are developing specific targeting moieties tethered to liposomes in formulation that enables targeted delivery to cancer cells.



Our pipeline of antibodies and single chain variable fragments (scFv’s) have demonstrated cytotoxic effects against cancer cells, specifically towards Non-Small Cell